You’re only as young as your spine is flexible” said Joseph Pilates. The health of our spine is integral to our movement, our happiness and most importantly to our brain.  We need to connect what already functions, wake up what doesn’t, and re-balance our mind and body.

As a fitness enthusiast early in my teens, I found Pilates to be the perfect balance to my other high energy cardio and resistance training and dance. It served me well to re-balance my structural instabilities when over worked, over trained or in need of stretching.  At 20, I experienced a disc injury in my back that halted my fitness goals but Pilates got me back to them. I was certified as an Instructor for my benefit and continued on to become a Graduate and Interpreter of 3 languages. Yet I never stopped doing Pilates. I started to get more serious and used it as a means to supplement my income living in a big city. I saw the benefit and the potential of helping myself maintain my lifestyle pain free and achieve my goals without injury and I wondered how amazing it would be to help others do the same wherever I lived in the world. My journey of Classical and Contemporary Training and Certifications began.  Soon after I was working with Professional Ballet Companies like Joeffrey and Hubbard Street in Chicago, high profile executives, Athletes and anyone in search of better health.

I started having people who were having serious issues, like Cancer, MS, Scoliosis, and Auto immune diseases. I felt I needed more training to be truly capable and knowledgeable to help a client, not just know a series of exercises but know the ones they would personally benefit from and not harm them later.  I began working alongside Spine Specialists. Pilates was used to rehabilitate and re-balance patients to get back to normal everyday life. Hence, this led me to where I am today. I can say it is such a fulfilling job to help people each and every day.  All the money in the world doesn't bring perfect health. Yet without our health, we are limited in all we do. Life changes each day.  Sometimes things seem out of control. Yet we can only control our mind and physical health. We can RE-BALANCE ourselves.

- Nicole